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About PelicansPelican Facts

Learn about this magnificent flying ocean predator

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Problems pelicans faceProblems Pelicans Face

Be informed so you can help pelicans and other seabirds!

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Tips for fishermenPelican Safety & You

Educate yourself on pelican “do’s and don’ts”

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A PRT Success Story:
Ellie the Pelly

Ellie just after rescue

From rescue to release, we poured our hearts into this special bird. read more…

How We Help Injured Pelicans

peli with hook in neck with Zoli

With decades of experience, Pelican Rescue Team has the know-how to handle and treat seabirds. read more…

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Pelican Rescue Team

Pelican Rescue Teamis a grassroots marine wildlife protection organization providing emergency response, rescue, and ambulance transport services for injured pelicans and other ocean-dependent birds. Learn more...

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